East Coast USA Data

18 June 2015


The full dataset contains 166,000 km of 2D vintage seismic along the Eastern Seaboard of offshore USA, and was obtained from the BOEM (Bureau Ocean Energy Management). All data has been through rigorous quality control in a standard industry interpretation platform. Following quality control, the specified post-stack processing was applied to the data: 

  • Water bottom mute
  • Polaris’ proprietary 2D Spatial Normalization (2DZ)
  • Scaling

Polaris Spatial Normalization Approach - 2DZ

The spatial normalization approach (2DZ) is proprietary to Polaris E&E Services Inc., which compensates for differing decay rates across un-normalized 2D lines with sharply varying water bottoms. Instead of using a brute force AGC, this method constructs user definable geographical windows, or bins, across the line and computes an inverse to the idealized decay curve within that window. From the decay curves, stored in memory, a specific gain curve is constructed for each trace via an inverse distance function, creating a unique scaling for each trace. The upside is that, to every extent possible, relative amplitude is preserved both vertically and horizontally.

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