Offshore Barbados

22 June 2015

MultiClient Geophysical (MCG) has in cooperation with the Government of Barbados acquired 6,837 km modern long-offset 2D seismic data in the most prolific parts of the Barbados Offshore License Area.

Regional evaluation and prospect mapping

The MCG Barbados MC2D seismic dataset is a modern dataset for regional evaluation and prospect mapping of the very attractive Barbados offshore license area. The survey covers the Barbados Trough, the Tobago Basin and crosses the Barbados Ridge between the basins.
The data was acquired in 2012 and in 2013 in a 14 x 14 km and 7 x 7 km prospect grid, using a 10,500 m streamer, a 4,230 cu. in. energy source and 14 seconds recording length. The acquired data was then run through modern PSTM processing. In addition to the seismic data gravity and magnetic data is also available.

*Barbados 2015 Offshore Licensing Campaign Schedule of Events

 Opening Date for Submission of Proposals from Pre-qualified companies

Jun 30, 2015

 Period for Submission of Proposals from Pre-qualified Companies

Jun 30, 2015 – Dec 30, 2015

 Closing Date for Submission of Proposals from Pre-qualified Companies

Dec 30, 2015

 Evaluation of Proposals by Government’s Technical Evaluation Committee

Sep 30, 2015 – May 30, 2016

 Selection of Successful Applicants and Invitation to Engage in Direct Negotiations

 Sep 30, 2015 – Jun 30, 2016

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Please see the Government of Barbados’ official webpage for more information about the Barbados 2015 Offshore Licensing Campaign. (

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