Acquisition commences on the Makassar Regional Phase 1 Infill MC2D Survey, Offshore Indonesia

10 September 2012

This new survey comprises approximately 2,200 km almost all of which is located over currently unlicensed acreage.

The survey is targeting lower post-rift submarine fans (Miocene) and deeper sections. Based upon earlier results and client feedback the acquisition and processing parameters remain unchanged from those utilised on the Regional Well Tie MC2D Survey and for added continuity MCG is utilising the same seismic vessel, Akademik Fersman, to acquire these new MC2D Data.

The Phase 1 Infill covers a high-graded area based upon regional study and AVO investigation of the Regional Well Tie MC2D dataset.

MCG expects to have Final Data available early August.

MCG A0 Poster 1 Makassar infill (PDF)