Company Profile

MCG was established in October 2007 with a view of bringing together experts in geology, geophysics, interpretation, operations and marketing with an intimate knowledge of the inner functioning of the oil and gas industry.

The company’s goal is to use this knowledge base to create or participate in projects which reduces exploration risk, to the oil and gas companies, through the provision of high quality multi-client seismic data.

To date, the company has concentrated on offshore projects in Europe, the Asia Pacific and the Caribbean. The main business areas are multi-client 2D and 3D surveys, reprocessing and data brokerage. The company will not own any seismic vessels. Data acquisition and processing capacity is acquired from external third parties. This business principle allows us to concentrate on undertaking only those projects which meet or exceed our technical and commercial criteria and furthermore provides additional advantage during times of a weakening market for seismic vessels.